1. Bill57 says:

    rare jet, great babes

  2. JustJ says:

    Picture #1 is the Concorde…

  3. disturbed says:

    #2 #22 Those are some pretty serious weapons of mass distraction

  4. BobbaFett says:


    Stunning. Simply stunning.

  5. willimo27 says:

    Names of #11 #17 ?

  6. markbrev says:

    Um, isn’t #1 Concorde, not a Vulcan?

  7. Fasteddy14 says:

    #6 One of the only reasons I watched Smallville…Kristin Kreuk.

  8. Alp says:

    "Sir, we've lost one of our bombers." "Vulcan you find it?"

  9. coolaid says:

    #27 olivia I love you so much..

  10. Anonymous says:

    #1 is ‘The Concorde’. Not a Vulcan………

  11. Anonymous says:

    #2 name please

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