Powerful images from Sunday (38 Photos)

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  1. Bill57 says:

    I watched the ceremonies all day as I said earlier I use to deliver to the trade center knew a lot of people. I was totally drained emmotionally by the end of the day. R.I.P. to all who passed Kudos to the people who survived and the heroes who helped them survive God bless America

  2. Chiv3On says:


    Glad to see Oblahma looking as arrogant as ever…

  3. […] political rhetoric. Power photos from 9-11 NY Sunday 10 years later : theBRIGADE __________________ RIP Travis […]

  4. I did a Memorial Stair Climb in Lancaster Pa, climbing for Firefighter Leon Smith Jr, Ladder 118 driver, body never found. I did all 110 stories in 2 hours. I cried at the end.

  5. Ron Paul says:

    #17 I'd tap that and it's easy to forget 9/11. Everyday there are "terrorist" attacks on American soil. Wake up America…

  6. Yann says:

    I'm french and I've been to the USA for 4 years before 9/11. It breaks my heart when I think of all this. May god protect america !

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