1. BIll57 says:

    nice hottie #21

  2. NeoDra says:

    there always will be some beautiful girls in the later

  3. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit @ the chick!!

  4. feroz says:

    Great photos of russian attack helicopter and a gorgeous picture of a may be russian girl

  5. Howler says:

    #22- nbr 22- I want one for Christmas…
    #21- failing that, I'll settle for nbr 21

  6. Chuck says:

    #1, Would not want so see that coming at me…#21 BRING IT ON!

  7. jojo says:

    nice helicopter but bad place for the gun, looks like you have to turn the whole 'copter unlike the cobra/apache setup…..

    • Ivan says:

      Whole chopper can make a turn faster then regular one (like Cobra or Apache, or Mi-24). That's a solid fact.
      Gun's position is choosen correct… for this kind of gun. It's 30 mm high-recoil gun. It cannot be mounted the same place like Cobra or Apache because of its weight and recoil.

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