1. Bob says:

    #24, Semper Fi

  2. P90 says:

    Semper ubi sub ubi.

  3. Raph says:

    #23, plus had a beer with Dakota, well deserved Marine

  4. nitro says:

    semper fi, semper fortis

  5. ss396maxx says:

    Way to go! My hats off to you guys simple wanting to showcase Stg. Dakota, a true hero and not let the political crap get in the way.

  6. ss396maxx says:

    #15 Oh by the way .. God Bless America and God Bless that girls butt!!!

  7. Barber says:

    That Devil should of got a hair cut, but good work.

  8. BIll57 says:

    He is not in the marines now thats why no hair cut. That said I appreciate the man's courage and standards. Not many can do what he did let alone survive the ordeal. GOD bless him

  9. @Dishwater says:

    who's the guy on the right? and either I am in need of new glasses or he has a silver star on/in his Combat Action Ribbon

  10. MCMLX says:

    No,Bronze Star.

  11. MCMLX says:

    Sgt Meyer has the Purple Heart, Navy Commendation Medal,Navy Achievement Medal,Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal.can't make out the bottom row. On His right chest is the Navy Combat Action Ribbon and the Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon.

    After a bit of digging,bottom row is possibly, from the middle,Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal,and possibly the NTM-Iraq Non_Article 5 Medal.I am struggling with the first 2 on the bottom row,can anyone help?

  12. John says:

    What did he do to earn the MOH?

  13. HughDiego says:

    Pretty girl and powerful weapon, I like both~!

  14. Aussie says:

    Awesome pics.
    Does anyone know who the chick at No.8 is?

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