1. flunkis says:

    you guys be careful out there.

  2. Kodos says:

    #1 #24 #26
    Try to tell *these* guys to quit smoking.

    I dare you.

  3. Raph says:

    #33, welcome home soldier

  4. BIll57 says:

    adorable loving pic #33

  5. Will says:

    The U.S. Military: A global force for illegal occupations/invasions, installing dictators in the Middle East, and killing for the state

    • Travis says:

      Stop with that shit man. These soldiers don't sign up for that; they signed up to protect their loved ones and their country. If you want to attack something go after the politicians who are perpetuating our flawed foreign policy.

    • Lawndart says:

      Ohhhh man you really told us. I'll go talk to the president right now and tell him theres someone who doesn't agree with him. Then me and him can bust out laughing together while reading your ignorant comments!

      • Scott says:

        Lawndart you need to change your name to Assdart you fucking tree hugging pile of shit. These solders make your way of life a reality. Slap another no more war sticker on your faggot ass smart car,and drink some more hippy juice. Do this world a favor,and suck start a Remington model 870 please!

      • spiket says:

        these soldiers put them self in a war zone to protect you and there country i don't see you sticking your ass in the line of fire instead of firing your fagot mouth and slaging them of!

    • Franklin says:

      The U.S. Military: defending your freedom to say something as stupid as that, and fighting to bring that same freedom to humankind everywhere else in the world.

  6. Still Me says:

    Love #10; looks like he's working it with a remote.

    • Franklin says:

      I believe that's an Air Force Combat Controller…one of the AF's special forces. They go into dangerous areas and help coordinate air support for ground ops. I bet they're doing some sort of beacon tracking exercise or something.

  7. fuzzybeard2016 says:

    #28 I bet the pilot of that Cessna needed a change of pants and underwear afterwords!

  8. ss396maxx says:

    I love #33! Home safe and sound … Thank you for everything!

  9. .Krookz says:

    #33 welcome home

  10. sam says:

    my little brother is in the 10th mountain div, Welcome home and thank you!

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