M80 Stiletto is an interesting concept for deploying SEALs (21 Photos)

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  1. BIll57 says:

    two types of UFO's #21 Unidentified floating object and #20 unidentified female oragnism

  2. james says:

    But will it blend?

  3. Havoc Control says:

    I wonder how that thing rides in heavy seas.

  4. seigo says:

    is it new bad mobil!?

  5. Speedo says:

    Straight from James Bond.

  6. […] Photos of the M80 Stil : theBRIGADE Underboob is the bastard child of sideboob… (28 Pictures) | Funny Pictures, […]

  7. So you had to go & put a pic of " Lupe Fuentes" a latina Porn Star? Yup thats her.:) Google her!

  8. Ramarao says:

    Shadylady91 / yeah, one Perth model posted and it came acsros my wall and before we knew what was going on, all these Perth models and photographer’s were jumping on his page. word travels very fast in this industry.he blocked me from his page.😛

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