1. Stan_Dalone says:

    wowzers does that bring back memories #15 Alana Soares rings a bell for some reason.. I could have spelled her last name wrong but they are all awesome

  2. MrMav says:

    wonder how #3 looks today. She looks nice in that pic

  3. Chica Bomb says:

    #1 #12 Austin Kincaid

  4. patov40 says:

    #35 Cathy Larmouth – One of, if not my number 1, all-time favorite playmate. Just something about her when I was that age.

  5. Kraster says:

    #30 Lorraine Michaels – My favourite. You'll have to look far to find natural breasts like those. None the less, my favourite of all time is still Karla Conway.

  6. longhop says:

    #21 Hope Dworazyck was actually in 2009 or something but still just as good my buds.

  7. Adi says:

    that I felt hot, and anhtoer time that I forgot my pants.4) Union Sq as usual was a blast. But I feel that we have to be a little more respectful inside the stores. As crowds started to go through Best Buy, Walgreens and Whole Foods, there were some displays and items that got knocked over, etc. We have to show more respect and restraint. Also, what’s up with Starbucks not serving pants-less people? Props to Au bon pain for serving us!

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