1. Stan_Dalone says:

    Just shows what a determined people will do for freedom. When it is all done I hope they attain it and keep it

  2. Waterbottle says:


    Tactical chairs!

  3. paul says:

    #19 Is that Chris Ryan, ex sas?……

  4. mike says:

    #13….somewhere there is an MI-24 up on blocks…..

  5. Franklin says:

    #7 Those look like aircraft wing-mounted .50-cals. As a former military armorer, I'd be really interested to see how he's got those dual guns linked up.

  6. Dunderfart says:

    The A-Team helped them.

  7. shane says:

    Fucking monkeys………… do you people really think that it is these idiots doing the fighting over there

  8. chong says:

    in a decade there will be a game about this

  9. A BiPolar Guy says:

    of course not. Naturally it's Iranian "super secret jihad" forces disguised as libyan rebels, in league with the "elders of zion", the illuminati, the tri-lateral commission, the IMF, "The Greys", and several groups you probably never heard of.

    People who call other ethnic or racial groups "monkeys" are beneath contempt.

    BTW monkeys have tails. You don't see any tails in these pictures, do you punk? Well, do ya?

    • former Libyan rebel says:

      all of you said has nothing to do with reality I don't blame you,it's your Bipolar disorder !

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