NATO military exhibition at Ostrava, Czech Republic (43 Photos)

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The event took place last week and brought in over 225 thousand people to see NATO air craft and vehicles from all over the world. The performing air team is of the "Turkish Stars".
Thanks David Krhut for sending this in…true story, he sent me so many great photos, I'm going to save a bunch for higher-res future "choose your weapon" posts. What can I say, I get pumped when I get a sh*t ton of new high-res photos.
…and the models name is Veronica Varekova




  1. Stan_Dalone says:

    very cool pics Rick. I have been to a bunch of air shows with the Blue Angels and the Air Force units but never a Nato Show. Love the pics of the "BUFF" watching it take off from McGuire AFB in NJ was awesome to see. Thanks for the pics loved it

  2. nelj says:

    just wait until this weekend, you should have some good pictures of the MCAS Miramar airshow. I'm personally looking forward to going to it

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