1. Franklin1138 says:

    #14, Minnesota FTW…which seems like a funny thing to say since our football team doesn't know how to win.

    Also, #1 totally freaks me out. Ever since I heard about a dude getting sucked into the mouth-like intake on an A-7 Corsair.

  2. Dirk Diggler says:

    #4 is a scroll stopper. Holy Hell! if the rest of her is that good, MOAR!!!

  3. EasternCanuck says:

    #4 arrest me please… roughly:)

  4. Smokin DMax says:

    #4 Somebody is going to have to tell me if there was anything else after this….

  5. Central-Scrutinizer says:

    #18 Winners of the National Hide and Seek Contest

  6. spike says:

    #4 something about this pic is so arousing…………………….the guns must be those guns😀'

  7. Keith Whitmore says:

    For #1 I never did understand that. the crew chief always goes into the intake to check the turbine blades & all the other crap that is in the intake. The engine isn't running when they do that.

  8. eagle99 says:

    I remember watching safety vid of a guy getting sucked into an A-6..seeing pics like #1 remind me of it.

    • Jepherson says:

      LOOOOOVED these, Stacy!!! Your kids are SUCH a blend of you and your husband!!! This was amewose to follow you through your family’s celebration of this holiday! You guys do look like a TON of fun!

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