1. Rick says:

    Holy Balls #2!!!

  2. Bennyhola says:



    Who is she?

  3. Coldzilla says:

    #10 Ya know what they call this in Alberta? Friday.

    #22 Olivia Wilde is so freakin hot (shoulda made her pic # 13 )

  4. payazo says:

    is amaizing and very beautifull picture!!

  5. chicago says:

    #2 and #4 [not in that order] top notch, I like the gap.

  6. konaehukai says:

    #4. Spectacular!

  7. lfsg says:

    #4 #32 spectacular!

  8. Oc says:

    #4 is Sarah Lyon. I went to high school with her

  9. JAFitC says:

    Call me a sucker for subtlety, but #8 FTW for me.

  10. scottyboy1612 says:

    #4, #7 and #21. My heart is about to pop out of my chest.

  11. Rusty_Dreams says:

    #6 is awesome, but I think #8 is best. Is #8 Candice Bailey?

  12. Gabriel says:

    #6 Just lovely.

  13. Swarley says:

    #2 #4 #20 #22 #26

  14. R2G Fan says:

    Wanting to spend more than just a weekend with #2 and #15

  15. WirelessCable says:

    #31 schön bruste ja?

  16. Yoda says:

    #13 That's some epic side boob. You've outdone yourself with this one Ricky boy! First class!

  17. rossy says:

    i thought #8 was summer glau

    • Shalini says:

      this song came together so nelicy.also, your album art really reminds me of the main deck aboard Disadcovadery One from 2001. Not sure if that’s what you were going for, buta0still…

  18. bill says:

    wow # 4 is an amazing beauty.yummy,yummy,lick

  19. Werzy says:

    #28 and #30

  20. Neo says:

    except this one, all sexy girls…

  21. lamrot says:

    Interesting, there seems to be this bizarre crrleoation between Conservative views and an inability to grasp even the most basic elements of spelling and grammar. Never mind- I’m sure a sketchy knowledge of the Constitution and the Old Testament are all you need to form a political opinion.

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