Walter Boyne to the Combat Airman Hall of Fame…so who is he? (39 Photos)

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Let's start with the wiki answer: Walter J. Boyne (born 1929) is a retired United States Air Force officer, combat veteran, aviation historian, and author of more than 50 books and over 1,000 magazine articles. He is a former director of the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution and is currently Chairman of the National Aeronautic Association.
Boyne began his writing career in 1962 while still in the Air Force.[1] Tired of the repetitive aviation articles of the time, he chose to write about lesser-known people and airplanes starting with an article on the Curtiss P-36. Boyne's article was accepted by a magazine in Britain which paid him $29 — a moment of special pride for the new author. The P-36 aircraft now resides in the National Museum of the United States Air Force near Dayton, Ohio. A very prolific writer, Boyne is the author of over fifty books and over one thousand magazine articles.
Among his book is How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare. Throughout Boyne’s analysis, he highlights the great strides that the helicopter has made and those who have believed in its potential. He pays tribute to Vietnam’s Dustoff crew, who flew into the middle of combat to rescue wounded soldiers. Crediting General Bill Creech with revolutionizing the Tactical Air Command, Boyne points out how this one man’s contributions are continuing to serve American troops well in the Middle East. From all of its advancements to its setbacks, the history of the military helicopter is a fascinating ride from invention to adaptation.
If you're interested, click here for more. To this end, thank you Melanie for sending this in.
On Oct. 7th, Mr. Boyne will be inducted into the Combat Airman Hall of Fame in Midland Texas. If your in the area, contact Kara O'Connell at
Now let's check out some of the air craft he flew in and commanded in his career.

If you’re interested in “How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare’, click here for more.
On Oct. 7th, Mr. Boyne will be inducted into the Combat Airman Hall of Fame in Midland Texas. If your in the area, contact Kara O’Connell at


  1. Stan_Dalone says:

    Quite impressive career, Congratulations Sir

  2. Kodos says:

    #1 #26
    Fuck you, EPA!

  3. CBRian1K says:

    I've read his book "The Influence of Air Power on History" several times. A most excellent book.
    Congratulations on your recognition Mr. Boyne

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