1. chicksdigit says:

    I did an officer exchange with Panzergrenadierbatalion 411 last year. It was a lot of fun. Being a tanker, I was skeptical of the Marder, but I really enjoyed shooting it. It was really weird shooting an unstabilazed platform after being on an Abrams just a couple weeks prior. Good times.

    • Schuultz says:

      Well, the thing is pretty darn old. Its replacement, the new Puma IFV, is of course using the stabilization as was introduced by the Leopard 2 – I believe it is the same that the Abrams were retrofitted with.
      The Marder is actually in the process of finally being phased out, having served in the Bundeswehr since 1971. On a recent troop visit, our current MoD was actually able to take a look at the same Marder in which he had served in 1974 – still in use today. If something like that can happen, I'd say that's a pretty clear indicator that the vehicles should probably be replaced😉

  2. Stan_Dalone says:

    thanks for your service

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