1. Stan_Dalone says:

    #1 is a great photo

  2. Adam says:

    I would make a joke about Canada, but after the Canadian sniper broke the record for longest shot, I think I'll cut them some slack…

  3. No You says:

    Canada is 'eh ok

  4. chicago says:

    Canada, I'm surprised to learn about Sniper training, especially since I can't figure out why you have an Army anyway. And you're fighting for…. or against…. help me here.

    • Jackfromcanada says:

      Surprised to learn about sniper training? Maybe it will surprise you to know that a Canadian Sniper holds the world record longest shot, made in Afghanistan. Saved many Americans on that mission.

      You want to know what we're fighting for? Maybe you should ask the American government the same thing. We are fighting because we are an allie of the USA and said we'd have their back if they went to war.

      We're fighting the same enemy as the USA. Do your research before you look like a fucking idiot and comment on something you don't know.


    • canucguest says:

      we may have less men and woman then the US we still have better beer and horny natural woman. oh and from what ive seen and watch first hand. the Canadian sniper training, is actually tougher then the US program and just a little shorter in length then the Brit program…… And we still have better Beer.

  5. Franklin1138 says:

    Their military is really good. Very professional and skilled. They're not as huge as the US or British militaries, to be sure, but they're highly regarded within the international military community.

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  7. WallyMS says:

    I actually saw the rifle Furlong used to break the record. It was in a special exhibit at the Canadian War Museum.
    But alas he unfortunately does not hold the record any longer. That distinction goes to a British sniper.

    • Youwish says:

      The guy lobbed a shot. He had a spotter telling him where the rounds were landing because it was so out of his rifles range he couldn't look down the scope. He is a sniper that had a long confirmed kill.

      If I took a 50 cal machine gun lobbed shots at a 45 degree and hit someone, and you were looking through bino's to see it. Does that make me have the longest confirmed sniper kill?

  8. Innovation says:

    The thing about sniper training in Canada is that the the faces of the snipers are never published. It's very, very tightly secured. The photo where you can see the one guy's face, he must not be on active duty. He may be an instructor or something.

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  10. USLethal says:

    Anyone talking negatively about Canadian forces has never served with them in combat. Period. I have operated with them several times in Southern Afghanistan and they were nothing short of impressive.

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