1. Stan_Dalone says:

    beautiful, smooth nicely done, should make a good replacement for the harrier

  2. Zach says:

    what a waste of money

  3. DEZZA says:

    Disagree, with No 1. Harrier is battle proven and is simple mecanichally, four swivelling jet nozzels and puffer jets at the nose, tail and wing tips bled off the engine, bloody shame we had to mothball ours, although I heared that theUS Marines got them all. Somebody knows what is good for them! Looking at those photos F35 looks very complex,overly so- lots more stuff to go wrong and maintain plus an engine that is redundant apart from landing. not good in a close support aircraft . The conventional version of the aircraft looks great though. who knows maybe one day we might get a carrier that can take it?!!! Yes i am a Brit!

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