You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…singer Cheryl Cole spends a day with the Royal Marines (18 HQ Photos)

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So, I've learned that there is a hot gal named Cheryl Cole in the UK. She is a pop star. Because of my renowned stature as a journalist, I decided to watch a video of a hit song by Mrs. Cole…I got about 5 seconds in and decided my time would be better spent finding more photos of her.

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  • Stan_Dalone

    I think it's great that she did that, I am not a fan nor do I appreciate her tats, but I think it is good that she now has an appreciation for how hard soldiers work to fullfil thier duties

  • Iam_Dave

    I think she's hot!
    Luv her tat too. Tastefully done.
    I don't know a single song of hers but..I wouldn't care anyway if she was on stage.

  • chicago

    #6 and #14 very easy on the eyes. I wonder how many of those Marines invaded her territory on her visit…

    • Stan_Dalone

      and did she mind the invasion?

    • R2G Fan

      Most likely she wasn't feeling conquered when they were done…more likely awaiting the next wave of assault.

  • AsciiAdam

    #6 is very nice. IMHO it is a waste of her talents to be singing. xD

  • .Krookz

    Love that tattoo!

  • John

    Why would I cry? Shes an attention grabbing whore whose singing career is non existent, so much so she now does publicity stunts like this to keep her in the media eye line and in turn line her pockets.

    Does she actually gives a shit about the troops? I don't think so. When did she last make a donation to help for heroes? Lets see her write a cheque from that fantastic wealth she didn't earn and give some of our injured boys some help.

    Useless fucking celebrities like her are a disgrace.

    • JacketPotato

      Simmer down john boy, not all celebs are UN ambassadors.
      you just sound like you have a case of the blue balls

      • sdgg

        Also, in terms of who creates more for the advancement of civilisation, I would say that Ms Cole comes out on top.

  • Alex

    This sort of thing should be combined with about 5 more posts on the female soldiers that are out there busting their no doubt just as shapely assets and not wearing clumps of mascara, dangly bracelets that would get caught on their weapons or vehicles or oh so tactically sound pink nail polish. The way she looks, I'm going to guess she did'nt spend even a full day with the troops but rather a couple hours tops, posing for 'candid' shots like this to try to ingratiate herself with redblooded males 20+ years old. It's great that we get to see a cute girl in uniform, but how about more cute girls in uniforms that look like they've been lived in without BFAs on the ends of their weapons please.

  • Daniel

    What a tourist.

  • alicewhite

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