1. Anonymous says:

    a lot of these are special forces pictures…..right on..

  2. Stan_Dalone says:

    thank you guys great job! thank you for your service( the women too) Doing one hell of a job! Chive On!

  3. grunt says:

    Thanks to all for their service. Thank you for risking yours to save ours! I do have an issue with one of the pictures tho. #8 guy on the left is clearly not a US troop however he is wearing BDU's with an American flag pointed the wrong way and is holding a rifle….I dunno it just seems a little weird.

  4. Ghost in the Machine says:

    Inspiring post, that men are capable of being more than what they simply do; sometimes it's hard to remember when things get buried under the complications of life but I suppose that's what makes a professional.

    One of the most poignant posts I've seen on theBrigade.

  5. Franklin1138 says:

    #24 is PsyOps/Civil Affairs! That was my first unit when I joined the Army. I'm kind of sorry I ever left. I switched into the National Guard and joined a field artillery unit, and when we went to Italy, the PsyOps unit went to Afghanistan and Iraq.

    IMHO, this is the way to be present in a country like Afghanistan…small units that are well-supported. NOT large-scale military buildup as there was in Iraq. You can't win hearts and minds with large units, but you can't beat the bad guys unless our small units are equipped and supported properly.

    • Stan_Dalone says:

      Franklin you are as always most insightful I appreciate reading your posts as they are always great learning experiances thanks again for your service and education

  6. htiman219 says:

    Thanks for posting these here, because you will NEVER see these in the anti-American, anti-military state run US media.

  7. Ukeme Ulegwe says:

    This are IMPERIALIST OPPRESSORS!!! Why do we celebrate crusaders who bomb villagers with cowardly drone attacks? Giving a kid sneakers while murdering his father does nothing!!!! Until we end capitolism Amerikkka will continue to murder brown people. OCCUPY WALL SREET!! Re-elect OBAMA!!!

    • Dave says:

      You fail at life

    • Rick says:

      kind of funny, I've always found that the weaker a movie/statement/thought…so on, the more exclamation marks follow the sentence

    • Syrin23 says:

      What do you like more?

      The record poverty, the record debt, the record deficits, the record unemployment, the record number of people on food stamps, the record dollar devaluation or the soon to be record inflation?

      Thanks for showing us all that you never supported are troops and only pretended to be against the war when Bush was in office. Now we're in two more countries under the watch of the Teleprompter Tyrant, and you're happy. BRILLIANT!

      • Stan_Dalone says:

        Syrin well said,not to be a spelling nazi, I want you to know it is our not are ok? "supported are troops" " supported our troops" other than that you had awesome points thanks for posting

    • fasterthanu says:

      Drones are highly accurate and effective and better chances off success without risking friendly fatalaties.

      Not cowardly, but smart. Something the enemy is incapable of.

    • Deadmetal says:

      The troops are nothing more than tools.
      you cannot hold a tool responisble for its actions, it is always under the control of someone.
      Support the troops, fuck the war.

    • gaz says:

      No you're right. We should give them nothing and behead them in the name of our religion or lack there of, your way is better I agree with you wholeheartedly.

      Support the Troops, keep fighting the good fight.

    • grippy says:

      i'm voting for obama again, but you're still a douche

  8. Syrin23 says:

    Rock on men and women of our Armed Forces !! Be safe, come home soon.

  9. Stan_Dalone says:

    Ukeme Ulegwe is a prime example of the stupidity that runs rampant in the "Occupy Wallstreet" group

  10. Joe says:

    de opresso liber. hooah Army SF

  11. miscellaneous says:

    please, just come home….and soon

  12. ajkt10000 says:

    Counterinsurgency at its finest.

  13. Neo says:

    the shoes are beautiful

  14. hipsterbgone says:


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