1. Nick25 says:

    gotta appreciate a General who came up through the ranks am I wrong?

  2. deleted4255536 says:

    God Bless the General RIP. I appeciate is long standing serviice and sacrifice

    • Danny says:

      Why the f- did I put “French”. No clue. I think, I was so baffled at the stiupdity of my Star Wars meets I don’t know what post above my brain just let one rip. I put Italian Pagani Zonda and Agusta (which I also run theThrottle, I do know they were founded in Italy) and yet I put in a French chick too.

  3. Neo says:

    may god bless us all! a men

  4. barry says:

    great American, but I believe that he was from Russian Caucus region.

    • Rick says:

      Mr. Shalikashvili was born in Warsaw, Poland (1936). His Polish father fought Germany in WWII. When they were defeated, his father was forced to fight Russia in the Geogian Legion and from Germany (16 yrs old at time) he crossed the pond.

  5. Andy H says:

    I severe at Mons AB Belgium when he was the head of NATO. Great guy that took the time to know everyone. He invited everyone to his mansion and I remember visiting with him for a while. GREAT Guy!!! May God bless his family.

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