1. zak0622 says:

    #16 Aye Corporal or some shit…

  2. guest says:

    Go Israel! #3 #5 #9

  3. AFCAJAX says:

    #2 Oh my! Find her!!

  4. thepoopsmith says:

    #21 looks like my favorite german porn

  5. moeshere Foxdale says:

    #11 Just something about her that just makes it hot looking maybe the gun hehe…

  6. Htisss says:

    #20 Very nice…#10 Summer Glau always good.

  7. CamoLife says:

    Do not understand the asian attraction. not good looking at all.

  8. Guest says:

    #26 MOAR

  9. VedHead77 says:

    #48 – Hahaha…you're in Aft Steering.

  10. tim-fyre13 says:

    I must be blind. I didn't see much of a f-ing difference !

  11. Obama says:

    #15 #23 #32 damn, those are some uniforms I wouldn't mind seeing on a regular basis.

  12. Doosk says:

    #15 GORGEOUS

  13. Timmah says:

    # 2, #15, #47 are the best of the best. I would have to say that #2 is my #1! I'll give her everything in my bank account if I can motorboat her :)

  14. Anonymous says:

    #8 is insanely pretty. If she just walked over, looked up at me and said “hi” I think I’d have start boner control.

  15. hutbed says:

    #8 is insanely pretty. I think if she just looked up and smiled at me I'd have to start boner control.

  16. northerner says:

    #2, something's just not right about her boobs. Not natural, not attractive.
    #34, I can tell, she's gorgeous. Don't have to see any more than her face…absolutely beautiful. And competent at what she does. I can see it in her face…

  17. Rev. Truck says:

    #23 Fuck cocaine. Goddamnit.

  18. gdm426 says:

    #47 yeah, i lurv her

  19. Neo says:

    she looks good

  20. ar-tee says:

    Please find…


  21. Twizz says:

    I guarantee That Just One Of The United States Military Women In these Pictures has had more dick in or around their shark vagina's, than all of the Non-Military women above….

    Walking Mattresses

  22. Jenny Loo says:

    Im number 26 and this picture just keeps popping up on the Internet everywhere. Thanks for the military love!!

  23. Rob says:

    Who are #29 #40?

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