1. geaux tigers says:

    No one can stop the honey badger. If you don’t know look it up

  2. Toddley says:

    Am i the only one that scrolled past the non LSU pics?

  3. chive #33 is a old friend from walker high school, i would like to get back in touch with some old frields.

  4. Amanda_Lorian says:

    I love LSU!! Way to represent girls!
    Geaux Tigers

  5. tim-fyre13 says:

    They're all gorgeous !! I think # 31, # 35 & # 53 Are the same blonde. HOT !! M–O–A–R !!! OUCH !!

  6. Jory says:

    Glad to live in Baton Rouge. GEAUX TIGAHS!!!

  7. Jason says:

    #59 #60 … how do these fit?

    • Rick says:

      it's a scene from Reservoir Dogs…they are talking about how many males a female has slept with and the quote goes "dick, dick, dick, dick, dick"…"how many dicks is that"…"a lot"
      good movie, check it out

  8. AwesumSebastian says:

    #17 We ain't found shit!!!!!

  9. newman says:

    I HATE lsu but wow… just wow…ROLL TIDE

  10. Beluga says:

    #61 Time to fap …

  11. WirelessCable says:

    This may be slightly random, but LSU has the same colors (purple/yellow) as TN Tech Univ!!

    Either way, it's awesome!

  12. Armedand Dangerous says:

    All shopped. How do you get a LSU cheerleader in your dorm room?

    Grease her hips and push.

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