1. Franklin1138 says:

    #12. Zoinks! Loving it. People talk about Denise Milani's enhanced knockers, but I'd like to remind our viewers that they were already huge before she had them made huger.

    #23 and #24 remind me of the first time I gave an IV to a guy. I was selected to be a combat lifesaver, which is like a stopgap intended to keep wounded troops alive long enough for the actual medic to get to them, and clearing airways and giving IVs were part of our job. I'm not a squeamish guy normally, but the Doc demonstrated on a guy who didn't push down on his vein to stop blood flow to the IV needle, and when he put his arm down, blood poured all over the bed and the floor. Seeing that, I felt myself get lightheaded and had to sit down. But five minutes later another lifesaver and I were giving each other IVs and I had absolutely no problem with that.

    • Gina says:

      The only experiance I had was watching my then wife have a cisarian section I watched from open cut to closing stitch he had to pull her insides out several times to get it right(stop the bleeding) I was ok with it all.
      The reason I mention this is that some months later she as watching the learning channel and they had some operations that I simply could not watch so I understand what you were going through

    • Stan_Dalone says:

      lmao my girlfriend come on once in awhile I thought I was still logged in TFF It is I who wrote you a reply

  2. Gina says:

    #5 #8 #25 are awesome pics

    • Putra says:

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  3. Good Ash says:

    What a beautiful collection of military photos!

  4. hutbed says:

    #12 ruined all my awesome comments I was gonna post. Damn your sexy ass.

  5. driteoscar says:

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