1. Stan_Dalone says:

    he made a good lookin girl

  2. SLUndergrad says:

    I feel you Rick. St. Louis is a great city with an even better baseball team.
    And thanks for the SLU shout-out! Go Billikens!

  3. Neo says:

    i like this one

  4. BiigJay says:

    #26 … shut up.

  5. Chitown Cards Fan says:

    YEAH SLU! By far the best world series in the last 31 yrs (my lifetime).

  6. chicago says:

    #3 she's happy to be with her Dad. You know then she's good girl, and he's a good Dad. Perfect.

  7. DoomsDayDub says:

    #31 & #32 – Looks like his wife is a GILF too.

  8. Soli says:

    Tony has TWIN daughters….I used to serve them pizza every weekend out in the Bay Area. Ballerina's they were…..betcha she can bend it like Beckham

  9. Fredbird says:

    #25 I was at Game3, so yes, yes i do understand…

  10. Blk&Svr says:

    Raiderette also? Dbl nice!

  11. ChaseTheWalker says:

    She is damn hot! I'm even willing to accept the fact that she cheered for the Raiders.

  12. etcrr says:

    well she certain has photos of her in Raiders uniforms and she is definitely hot

  13. monoxxide says:

    shes not hot

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