1. Stan_Dalone says:

    Happy Birthday Statue of Liberty. There are suppose to be new live cameras that can be used, I haven't yet but would love to

  2. Scotsman says:

    These are some phenomenal pictures! Awesome post, Rick.

  3. Kodos says:

    Lady Liberty… lookin' good.
    World Trade Center, you are missed….

  4. troll says:

    Thanks, France!

    • Shivam says:

      I think I read that she DIDN’T have work done she just shot up a few inches and didnt put on a whole lot of ehigwt, so her cheeks look sunken and her face just hasn’t stopped changing yet. Where did you read she had plastic surgery? I think you’re facts are twisted.

  5. etcrr says:

    Awesome pics through the years thanks Rick

  6. Lisa says:

    I saw her once in 1993. Me & our then 15 month old daughter were on our way to Baumholder Germany so we could be reunited with her Daddy. He was stationed there. I remember searching all the windows hoping I'd catch a glimpse as our plane took off. She was waaaay far off, but there…and beautiful.

    #31 gave me goose bumps. Thanks. 😉

  7. chicago says:

    #23 I was curious on 2011 costs
    Free Entry with The New York Pass
    Normal Entry Price: Adult: $13.00
    Normal Entry Price: Child: $5.00
    **Crown tickets cost $3 and are sold only in combination with the reserved ferry ticket price.

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