Sexy Chiver from Lemoore Naval Air Station (16 Photos)

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"We are stationed out in California at a F/A-18 A-F squadron. We have over 100 jets and more than 250 aircrew. The individuals in these pictures are either pilots or the aircraft maintainers. We only have about 100 Marines in our squadron and over 800 sailors. At this squadron we train student pilots to become fighter pilots to go on to sea going commands and fight the fight. The enlisted side of the house keeps the jets flying and our pilots "hitting their marks."  I myself work on the Equipment that the pilots wear in the jets."


  1. etcrr says:

    Chive on young lady, Thank you for sharing your pics and thank you for your service it is appreciated

  2. I'm pretty sure everyone of them could kick my ass. And then, I would still appreciate everything you all do for our country. My obliged, ladies.

  3. MAGNUMMAN says:

    Im out here in Lemoore also…VFA-86 Sidewinders all day

  4. Wonder_Boy says:

    definitely goes to show that all the good looking Marines are air side. Semper Fi from the ground side.

  5. Kodos says:

    "..absolutely BAD-ASSES!.."

    The rest of 'ems pretty good too.

  6. R2GFan says:

    I loves me some rubber chickens. Good looking gal, always did love those WM's.

  7. MAGNUMMAN says:

    you are NOT a sexy chiver…please do not post here again thank you

  8. andrew says:

    I'd hit it, and im station in lemoore. all i want it a hugggg ughhhhhhh. yep it just happened. nap time.

  9. Stan_Dalone says:

    Ma'am I am not into Tats at all, having said that. I do admire you for your service your tenacity, bravery and courage to serve our country. you have my gratitude and respect

  10. Lawndart says:

    I work across the street from you guys. 8 wonderful years I have been here. Please stop yelling at me when I park in your unmarked parking spots. Chive on from FRCW!

  11. gus says:

    whoo hoo a local girl from lemoore.

  12. 2nd_2_none says:

    Ummm, Not SEXY maybe if all you have to stare at is trolls,then there might be a very minuscule chance. the only reason this got put up is because of Verterns days….DEFINITELY SHOULDN'T post here again.

  13. chicago says:

    #12 "awkward chicken" OHhhhh… [it sounds funny]
    #2 Beautiful. Be safe.

  14. final says:

    #16 Deff the kinda girl id like to take to dinner.

  15. justin says:

    picture #9 is a bunch of Infantry Reserves from slat lake city

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