1. KittyKittymeowmeow says:

    Fucking wow. That last one is amazing.

  2. Stan_Dalone says:

    Love the rooster tail off the Blue angel F-18

    • Steverino says:

      Awseome ! When I was stationed at Hill Air Force base we had a pilot end up flying a desk for a while for shooting rooster tails over the Great salt lake. Guess they all were doing it and they made this guy the scape goat. Regulations forbid it because of the pleasure craft on the lake…

  3. etcrr says:

    the KC-135 gets lower to the ground and is much harder to control cause it is cumbersome compared to the F-18. so For me the prize goes to the KC-135

    • Steverino says:

      Flight control response time is a lot slower and aircraft response to flight control input suffers as a result. So you are correct. Fighters respond practically instantly.

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