1. etcrr says:

    #30 Doolittle's Raid of Tokyo

  2. jojo says:

    all great pics but i really like #32

  3. Marcio says:

    #30 it's not Doolittle's Raid of Tokyo, that's a B24 Liberator.

  4. […] The above pics are from: Wallpaper photos of World War 2, WWII, for Veteran’s Day : theBRIGADE. Share this:EmailDiggPrintFacebookRedditStumbleUpon15 Gifs from How I met your Mother (tv show) Animated gifs from How I Met Your Mother: Ewok presentation, All slap bets + more. Continue reading Dear Crashes Into Alpharetta (Atlanta) Taco Mac (Video) Crazy video of a deer crashing through a window at the Alpharetta, GA Taco Mac restaurant (Atlanta area). I reckon the deer just wanted a beer. Continue reading Ashley Madison (Have an affair) Marketing Fail (pics) Ashley Madison is the devil. Now poking fun at fat chicks. I say more pushin for the cushin is better. Continue reading […]

  5. Scotsman says:

    Awesome pictures.
    #23 Shows only a glimpse of the terror these men saw while defending their country. Thank you veterans.

  6. MCMLX says:



  7. ride for the fallen says:

    rick, since becoming a daily viewer of the brigade, maybe 2 years now, you have become my "go to guy" for my dose of america and those who stood tall for their country, our way of life. ya make me proud, thank you.

  8. Patty says:

    Rick, Incredible site. I’m working on a WWII Vet’s memoir (D-Day, Utah Beach, Medic.) Would you be able to email me certain photos in high resolution? Thanks, Patty

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