1. anon says:


  2. etcrr says:

    Incredible the amount of force and power developed by Volcanoes on so many different. eruption force from gases, air pressure changes, shear temperature, Static Electricity, different types of gases from inert to poisonous sulphur.. thousands of tons of ash and debris. The beauty of it Belies the danger

  3. Neo says:

    it's beautiful there
    but it is just in the disasters….
    what a pity

  4. Kodos says:

    Welcome to Hell!
    But we have angels!

  5. Spencer_on_Fire says:

    Those are some amazing images

    but gotta say #13 would definitely be more of a shock to the system:)

  6. joemale18cov says:


    • Oliver says:

      Gary,Way cool site!!! The second stkceh was done by John Mack, maybe the third also (not sure). Bob Munson is sitting down doing the tape drawing (tiring work at times) and Mark Kaski is standing and taping (not as many lines yet). Along with John Cafaro at the buck is Gene Meso, Chief Sculptor, standing on the left and Designer Kirk Bennion is sitting in it. Hey, why is Ted Polak stkcehing real time on paper? It’s all virtual now!Regards,Glen

  7. anon says:

    get that #13 bitch out of here MOAR LIGHTNING VOLCANOS!!!!

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