F-16 unit with the request for redheads during deployment (61 Photos)

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"We are an f-16 unit out of s.carolina we call ourselves the Tigers. I'm a weapons specialists on fighters and work hard and do everything I can, as does in my entire unit, day in and day out to ensure the protection of our troops on the ground and protect our countries skies." Thanks guys for sending these in. Be safe out there.



  1. etcrr says:

    Insane job, Cool guys thanks for all that you do to protect our country. Bless you all and thanks for sharing your pics.

  2. BigW says:


  3. bse35 says:

    Pics rock, thanks for your service and your pics

  4. AMMO says:

    Deployed to a real horrible place huh?Is that why you're rocking the civies and loading a bunch of fake munitions?

  5. kgb2w1 says:

    Some of these are a mix of deployed and home based photo's. I won't hold it against you seeing as you're ammo.

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