USS Charlotte Hull Number SSN-766 is a Los Angeles class fast attack submarine. At the North Pole, we set the World Record by breaking through 61 inches of ice.  The temperature went from a balmy -30 to -50 while we were there.  They had us man a M-16 on the ice, should any polar bears appear. Various crew members in the photos, we had to dig out the weapons shipping hatch to try and get it open then water leaked in and caused a fire in an electrical panel directly below it. All in all a good time.  Some of the guys have warm body on them in marker, there is a ceremony called Blue Nose that you go through above the arctic circle, it involves ice and as much cold shit as they can find.  The people that have been there before get to indoctrinate all the new people. They are the Cold Bloods.
…and we did get a beer up there, so some of the guys are enjoying one in the pictures.
Thank you Marshall for sending these in, you guys have no idea how cool it is to get photos like this.