1. etcrr says:

    Dude knows the game well that's for sure. When you know a game rally well you kinda know where the enemy is coming from.

  2. zunizoon says:

    combination of both i'd say. Some of the opponents don't seem very good, but the guy is really good too.

  3. TheMadBomber says:

    Bitch got lucky

  4. Mike says:

    Guy's definitely a player but a lot of those guys got lit up because they had nobody covering the rear.

  5. that map is fuck all trying to make it up the stairs. Its definitely good if you are defending.

  6. jeremy says:

    they can circle . they dont have to come that way up the escalators. they can come up the stairs behind him

  7. Spencer_on_Fire says:

    I get this quite a few times when I play. When you don't have guys communicating with each other, you're prone to a deep cluster screw because there is no one watching your back, sides, or front.

  8. CaptinCrash1x says:

    What game is this

  9. IrishWolfhound says:

    Fuckin Noob server.

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