• etcrr

    #16 and I will take the bradley# 13 #26 can be the crew

  • Scotsman

    #27 Just a really cool picture.

  • BigW

    #18 what is that weapon?

    • Beef Supreme

      Air Launched Cruise Missile?

    • Kodos


  • GoForth


    Definitely an SKS

  • Sgt Don

    Why is the HMS Dauntless flying an American flag?

  • No You

    #11 ok….

  • Muadieb

    #13 #26 Kate and Bar are so beautiful!! Can I have both?!

  • Ghost in the Machine

    #3 The USMC just bought all of our decommissioned Harriers, decommissioned so the RAF could keep their Tornado squadrons operational! Who thought that was a good idea? Well bad day for the UK's armed forces but a bargain bonanza for the Marines! There's always a silver lining.

  • bse35

    #13 kate upton rocks so does bar but Upton is more my style

  • Franklin1138

    I'll take #2 the FG-42, #15 the AAVP, and #26 is my battle buddy.

    Also, #11 is so impractical in every way that it doesn't even LOOK cool.

  • John

    #26 Just the right amount of spillage!

  • Yoda

    I'll take #12 with a side order of #13 please. Can I have them express delivery?

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