1. R2G Fan says:

    #38 Lawd girl!!!! You are exactly why I like sweater season…possibly the only reason.

  2. No You says:

    #27 submariners?

  3. squid says:

    #27 those aren't the kind of girls my navy years were full of. I must have missed out on something being in CT.

  4. etcrr says:

    #2 B-52's FTW #4 Battle Cruiser Scharnhorst #5 M-777 155mm howitzer the gift that keeps on giving

  5. bse35 says:

    #7 TFF shopped success

  6. Forever On Patrol says:

    Uh, boys, you've been away too long….Girls, you boys have been away too long…..

  7. Yoda says:

    #32 that's some serious modification. Might be difficult to find a holster that fits.
    #38 GOD DAMN! I wonder if she has the same problem. Maybe I can help!

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