1. homebuilder says:

    #14 made me smile.

  2. Scotsman says:

    #15 His face. LOL

  3. bong breath says:

    #4 Juggernaut

  4. etcrr says:

    B-17 Bomb run awesome plane

  5. Kodos says:

    #12 #22
    Jimmy Lile… awesome knives

  6. zak0622 says:


    Sword Details are awesome. congrats!

  7. Franklin1138 says:

    #2 looks like an SR25. I got to fire one a couple of weeks ago, and it's a sweet weapon!

    Also, #14 and #33 are much appreciated!

  8. Yoda says:

    Is #29 from the HARP project? Such a shame that Gerry didn't know when to quit.

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