1. Paul says:

    #16 I've trained there, that water is cold even in the summer and it smells like the wrong end of a sheep….

  2. etcrr says:

    #19 #20 MIla Kunis rocks the house and I salute #31 these men. Thank you to all then men and women of the armed forces for their sacrifices and service to our country

  3. b52 says:

    #11, Marquez was should have unanimously won that fight (not lost it) and Pacquiao knows it. He completely adapted to PakMans style and got in more and better strikes.

  4. Neo says:

    i like this one

  5. Franklin1138 says:

    #6 Man, the one on the right is a hottie! I've always said that if I lost everyone near and dear to me here at home, I'd move out to Israel, sign my life away to the IDF, and find a hot Israeli girl named Yael to spend the rest of my days with.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yay war is great lets salute everyone involved with killing oh sorry peace keeping… Let the hate begin

  7. canadiangun says:

    #8 you need a hunting buddy???

  8. Yoda says:

    #31 Thank you for your support guys. This world would be a damn sight worse without people like you.

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