1. etcrr says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, having made this model of the Enterprise it is 1/350th scale and this is really a diorama more than just a model. Good Job at it of course and it took a lot of work. but it is a diorama. and #19 is stunning

  2. Scotsman says:

    This takes some amazing skill. Well done.

  3. bse35 says:

    very cool, great work and a lot of effort

  4. Iceman2509 says:

    Yeah, that is a ton of detail. Well done.

    Now who is #19

  5. cels0_o says:

    #19 Now that's model worth spending time to do.

  6. josh jones says:

    Im on the USS Enterprise looking at a model of the Enterprise, irony?

  7. Kodos says:

    That MRC/Tamiya kit is insane… then comes the after-market detail parts.
    THEN you add your own touches.

    Insane. Nice work, Jorge.. and go Big E!

  8. James says:

    And how long did it take to model

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