1. BigW says:

    #17 MOAR!!!!!!

  2. @pezatsea says:

    #35 While I don't approve of anyone wearing our ensign, I am scared to say anything else as they look Pedobear approved.

  3. GUEST says:

    As gorgeous as they are, the girls in #35 should know wearing an actual flag is disrespectful. They can wear clothing patterned after the flag, however.

  4. antitango says:

    I have to show disdain for #35. Wearing the flag as a piece of clothing is definitely taboo. Wearing designs shared with the flag is ok, but outright wearing of the flag isn't. "Good initiative, bad judgment."

  5. etcrr says:

    not respectful at all, but they are damn hot

  6. bse35 says:

    #30 how cool would it be to be able to leap over fences this easy

  7. Logan says:

    #27 IED Magnate, we walked instead.

  8. grunt87 says:

    #4 marry me?!?

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