1. etcrr says:

    #19 super zombie killer #24 my navigator

  2. Canadian says:

    # 24 all the way!!! hoorah

  3. Kodos says:

    Scarlett, is that you?

  4. Final says:

    #24 is fairly intense. I'd sure like to take her out on the town:)

  5. Si1entStatic says:

    HAHA, I like how the 1% prepares to deal with the Occupy protesters in #2

  6. Franklin1138 says:

    I'll take #10. If it's good enough for Randy Shughart, it's good enough for me. #24 will be my spotter, armed with #7.

  7. bse35 says:

    #7 #10 #19 That's all I need well #24 would help with morale

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