Daily Afternoon Randomness (35 Photos)

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  1. Si1entStatic says:

    What would you do to stay AIDS free when visiting east Africa??? #5, to the extreme…..

  2. ride for the fallen says:

    #10 just like a friggin boss

  3. Nutz says:

    What jet is that is pic#2?

  4. R2GFan says:

    #21 #33 That is so hot.

  5. Want a hug says:

    Why don't I trust her ?

  6. monoxxide says:

    I'll take the pale red head in #30

  7. Guest says:

    #21is that a proper Weaver stance

  8. etcrr says:

    #10 only in europe

  9. etcrr says:

    #19 #20 #21 so hot

  10. Grunt says:


  11. Bob H says:

    #6 Ahhhh! The new Luftwaffe's first plane. A Starfighter F-104.

  12. Franklin1138 says:

    #1 Ha! Awesome! I remember going to the gas chamber. The psychological build up was waaaay worse than the actual experience. I remember standing in line, waiting for my platoon to go in, and all of a sudden the door burst open, and a private FLEW out onto the grass screaming "MY EYES!!! OH MY GOD MY EYES ARE BURNING!!!" I think we all shit ourselves a little. Then our turn came. We walked in the door with our masks on, and once we were all lined up they told us to take the masks off. A drill sergeant came by and assisted anyone who looked like they were "having trouble." They told us to breathe normally, then reseal our masks. Then we had to take the masks all the way off and put them away. I coughed a lot, and my hands tingled a bit, but it wasn't this horrific experience (though it was for some). We had one guy, whose name was Bong, who wasn't affected at all by the gas. He said, "Drill Sergeant, is something supposed to happen now?" so they made him do push ups while everyone else freaked out. After what felt like an eternity, they tapped us on the head and told us to walk out of the building. Everyone had snot rockets down to their belts, and of course there was a photographer waiting outside to snap our pictures. 😛 Yeah, we all thought we were hard after that. :) The funny thing was that years later the Minneapolis Police Department had to do something similar, and some cops freaked out and spoke in a news piece about how "unfair" and "cruel and unusual" it was to make them do that. My opinion of them went down a bit…and I love cops.

    Also, #22. Artillery, baby. Them's my peeps.

  13. fred says:

    gotta rep #28, keep the faith general and ALWAYS love to Seagals #31

  14. Yoda says:

    #21 I think I'm in love. I just hope she not a BOBFOC (Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch)

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