1. etcrr says:

    riot if ya want to but ya don't mess with a shotgun

  2. hehe says:

    coast guard guys need a sight fixture lol

  3. Neo says:

    the gun is awesome and powerful

  4. Franklin1138 says:

    Hey, #3 is my old division, the 34th ID out of MN, WI and IA. Red Bulls!

  5. brandon says:

    correction on shotgun… its 1014… not 10114.. semper fi

  6. Buford_Justice says:

    thats what I want entering a building full of the unknown

  7. james says:

    #14 #25 why do they keep holding the stock over their shoulder, just saying seen this a lot.

  8. guestyguest says:

    #4 Nice M14, dude. A total classic.

  9. Smitty says:


    Nice to see a non-photoplastied REAL pair for a change.

  10. Edaea_Sinid says:

    #9 As usual freaking hot as hell. With this one I would never call "shotgun" indeed. Too good to be on the sidelines

  11. F-Art says:

    #15 Shooting position FAIL!

  12. monoxxide says:

    #27 taste the rainbow, yum!!!!!!

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