1. etcrr says:

    I admire the courage and bravery that it takes to continue after losing limbs in battle. I am humbled by their strength of will to carry on against such odds. Thank you to all the soldiers who fight for our country, Your sacrifices and service are not in vain and are greatly appreciated. God Bless you all

  2. Mary says:

    This is so inspiring!

  3. Randy says:

    War… that man lost both his legs for this country and what has he received for that? A few bucks, a metal, and an honorale discharge? Its a real bullshit system.

  4. etcrr says:

    he gets free health care for the rest of his life, free rehab, to the head of the line for any and all jobs. Agreed all of this does not overcome his loss. He does have our thanks and love for him doing what he did. He has respect of all his fellow countrymen and support of the same

    • Franklin1138 says:

      Not to mention that this Marine, being a double amputee, is considered 100% disabled by the VA, and will therefore be eligible for a MINIMUM monthly stipend of $2500 per month (as much as $3100 depending on his family and dependent status). He will also qualify for additional allowances for the loss of both feet, and another for the loss of both legs. So while the system may be bullshit, as you say Randy, he's never going to HAVE to work again, thanks to the VA.


      He's a Marine. I don't know a single Marine that doesn't have attitude of "There's nothing you can tell me that I can't do," and this guy will likely go home, get a job in the private sector, and do very well for himself. I could be wrong, but I've met quite a few wounded warriors, and they ALL are tough bastards. They have to be, otherwise they might not have made it out alive.

  5. a fellow 71 says:

    Semper Fi brother. get some

  6. Rich says:

    OORAH!!! Devil Dog! This picture is effin Moto!

  7. Rob B says:

    Semper Fi!

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