1. Cody says:

    never forget

  2. Kodos says:

    The price of peace is eternal vigilance.

  3. #18

    USS Pennsylvania. Fixed it. When back to fight in the war.

    • mongoose5271 says:

      So were those two destroyers in the foreground of that pic. The only ships that weren't repaired to fight another day were Arizona and Oklahoma. Well, Utah too, but that was a target ship at the time.

      • Matt says:

        Actually Cassin and Downes were stripped, refloated, and eventually scrapped at Pearl.

        • mongoose5271 says:

          Cassin was recommissioned in February of '44 and served til the end of the war. She was scrapped in '47. Downes was rebuilt and recommissioned in November of '43. She was also scrapped in '47.

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