1. Phred says:

    #33, My god. They're just kids.

  2. etcrr says:

    In peace son's bury their fathers, in war father's bury their son's. Old saying from the roman era. Amazing pictures

  3. TiminPhx says:

    To paraphrase "The Right Stuff." "Are those men?" "You damn right those are MEN."

  4. Franklin1138 says:

    Kind of depressing to see how far our nation has swung since then. I remember reading "Band of Brothers" by Stephen Ambrose (years before the series came out), and Rod Strohl said, "I came from a small town, and three guys who were 4F (unfit for military service) committed suicide because they COULDN'T go. A different time."

    I make it a point to thank and shake the hand of every Vet I meet, but especially the WW2 guys.

    • etcrr says:

      Franklin, Everyday I have the distinguished honor of sitting with a few Vets Of WWII and the Korean War as well as one Gentleman from the Merchant Marine served on a liberty ship! they are incredible men. I thank them all the time. It is a very humbling experiance.

  5. jtaM3 says:

    The commitment of the brave men and women of our Military are what all citizens should strive for. The Greatest Generation has certainly provided all Americans with an indelible legacy.

  6. Rob B says:

    Semper Fi.

    Its sad to see just how much 'kids' of today really know of the 'kids' back then. Kids today? Do you think they would step up as these young men had? Some, yes, most, no.

    "They just dont make em' like they used to"

  7. .Krookz says:

    My grandfather lived through the 2nd wave on Omaha beach. I could never imagine…

  8. Grey says:

    What aircraft is #8 ?

    • Rory says:

      It's the P-61 Black Widow.

    • dezza says:

      it is a Northrop P61B Black Widow in ETO drab camo, The P61 was the first aircraft designed from the outset as a night fighter utilising that wonderful British invention RADAR!! the top turret 4x.50 cal only featured on the B model as there were troubles with the mechanism when they were ironed out there were still shortages because it was the same turret fitted to the B29 it was also equipped with 4x 20mm cannon in the belly crew consists of 1 pilot 1 gunner and 1 radar operator.alsso served in the pacific.

  9. Therrmos says:

    I had the privilege to get to know a great WWII vet who went into Normandy D Day+1. He told me two things that still make me laugh. He said he was only scared once, from when he got off the boat, until he got back on and there were time that the only thing keeping him from getting closer to the ground were his buttons. I thank all Veterans they have gone above and beyond.

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