1. Iceman2509 says:

    #23 Love the Iowas!

  2. fuzzybeard2016 says:

    #28 Aren't those the guys from "Bomb Patrol Afghanistan?"

  3. R2GFan says:

    #20 There is a joke about a hose in there somewhere. Very hot.

    #26 I AM saluting!

  4. […] true; s.src = 'http://widgets.digg.com/buttons.js'; s1.parentNode.insertBefore(s, s1); })(); Email theBRIGADE Posts Related to Firepower Afternoon Randomness (28 HQ Photos) Best links on the internettheBRIGADE […]

  5. etcrr says:

    #12is so hot visiting #16 should rid the area of ice. Thanks to all the people in the armed forces for their service and dedication. Thanks for the pics they send in. They provide an insight to what you go through. Come home safe and Chive On!

  6. Franklin1138 says:

    I can't imagine the mask in #17 is doing a whole hell of a lot… 😐

  7. Kodos says:

    She looks cozy… moar please
    More nukes, less kooks

  8. Richard says:

    Lets hear it for our submariners on patrol in the deep!

  9. No You says:

    #7 not the MK 19 I remember #11 a Marine with an AUG? I never got to play with that. Another downside for serving during the Clinton administration.

    • Paul says:

      Australian F88, most likely because their stationed there now, familiarization I'm guessing. Best and easiest weapon I've ever used by far

  10. Jesse says:

    I feel like this site glorifies war. Pictured of big explosions and hot girls, it takes no account of how brutal it really is. War involves people getting hurt and this stie never shows these repercussions. I know I am going to gett so many thumbs down the site might crash. Make a post that shows the horrible effects on civilians and wounded vets, this makes it seem like a fun game.

    Sorry to sound like a 10 year old girl, I will show myself out.

  11. Tom says:

    Good call, Jesse. I'm a peacetime infantry unit vet but even I know this stuff's job is to do damage. Let's see some. Get real. Otherwise, it's kinda just weapon porn.

  12. Yoda says:

    I really can see your point guys. "War is hell…." The only problem is that I've seen plenty of blood and I don't reckon I've ever seen a good looking corpse but I do still love the tools of the trade and being reminded of the camaraderie. This site does show the downside though. There have been photos posted that have truly broken my heart even when I've been feeling fairly untouchable. If I want to see brain fragments I'll watch the latest rambo flick (DON'T! It's disappointing). It's your call Rick. Personally I wouldn't change a thing.

  13. Andre says:

    I almost foorgt comments can be left simply by clicking the little comments cube under the subject heading. There is also an RSS feed of pictures connected directly to my Flickr account that will have photos from Europe that can be clicked through. Right now it is just feeding random photos and paintings of mine.

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