1. monoxxide says:

    first #20 #32 are fine as hell and #50 is one dirty girl

  2. etcrr says:

    #16 there are a couple of tank destroyers if I ever saw one

  3. P90 says:

    Considered by the experts in the defence industry to be the greatest MBT ever made, as a proud Brit I have to choose the Challenger 2.

  4. Dotson says:

    Did anyone else lean back as your scrolled to prevent getting slapped in the face by those huge knockers?

  5. Mike says:

    [steve irwin voice] "Here we see the female in her natural habitat." [/steve irwin voice]

  6. Mike says:

    yea helps to quote the picture…. #48

  7. R2GFan says:

    #2 Amazing.
    #4 Awesome underboob.
    #16 Sisters?
    #30 #38 Terrific humps.

  8. DirtyDougie says:

    I missed it…were there tanks in there somewhere?

  9. sporthd says:

    MOAR of #48

  10. Franklin1138 says:

    #8, #18 and #46 are all kinds of win. Also, I think the tanks look badass with the skirts on, like in #45.

  11. kyle says:

    #36 sayumi michishige

  12. if the glimpse it comes out a winner are woman

  13. Aussie Jez says:

    #28, #30 and #50, did any one see any pics of a Chalenger Tank?
    I looked but couldnt find any?

  14. Puf says:

    theBrigade has THE best chicks of them all. Boom.

  15. Helmet4 says:

    #26 Look who came for a sleep over.

  16. Do0zer says:

    #16 Wow does this one ever do it for me. Holy shit on a stick!

  17. Edaea_Sinid says:

    #24 #26 #28 #38 #52 Hot as the sun!

  18. bkfrijoles says:

    #38 hey nice backside

  19. Per Mare Per Terram says:

    Damn! Sexy chicks and the best tank in the world….Thanks Brigade!!

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