1. etcrr says:

    Whether, American, British, Austrailian, Canadian or any other SPF outfit, As an enemy, it would make me think twice about stirring up shit

  2. P90 says:

    #14 In any other country the Royal Marine Commandos and the Parachute Regiments Pathfinder Platoon would be considered Special Forces, but in typical British understatement they are classed as conventional forces.

  3. Franklin1138 says:

    Anyone know what nationality the dudes in #2 and #41 are?

    • Schuultz says:

      They appear to be Afghanis. When you look at the right shoulder of the soldier in #41, you can just barely see their flag.

    • Licantrope69 says:

      #2,#21,#41 Afghan Special Forces, Recon Commando (Trained by USSF/US75thRangers/USMP/Italian Regiment "Col Moschin"

  4. Mac says:


    he will kill you and everyone you know and love.

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