As real as it gets: user submit sees child for first time while deployed (3 powerful photos)

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  1. etcrr says:

    Congrats on your new baby girl! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God Bless you and your family. May you all live long and healthy prosperous lives.

  2. anderwpeg says:

    Congrats man, hope you get to come home soon to your new family

  3. Jimbo. says:

    Thank you for serving us. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

  4. N. Notmyname says:

    God bless you and your family – gorgeous baby ya' got there. Be safe!
    #2 is priceless

  5. bwaggger says:

    Its good to know that brave men are out there weaving the warm blanket of freedom for us. Thanks for your sacrifice and all you do! I wish i had time to take everyone serving to lunch to say thanks. it really means a lot!

  6. Shawn says:

    #3 Why not fullscreen?

  7. Helmet4 says:

    When you're in the military you can be there for the conception or the birth. I guess you were there for the birth.
    Keep calm and get home safe.

      • Helmet4 says:

        This joke is simple. It implies that when you're in the military you will be away a lot. So you can chose to either be there for the conception of your child or the birth but you can't be at both.

        It's a bad military joke. Same as "if the military wanted you to have a family they would have issued you one".

        • Smitty says:

          Been in for 20, never heard that. Never heard the second one either. Heard a similar one about wives… but not families.

          Jokes like that are to be told BY the military, to others In the military, while IN the military.
          Shut your fucking hole civilian.

  8. Leah says:

    thank god for Sype, eh?

  9. wrangler86 says:

    stay safe and get home to love on that little girl! thank you for your service. God bless!!!

  10. Irishstephen says:

    Gorgeous family you have there amigo!! Hurry home safe and sound – we're all behind you!

  11. Cropped Rag says:

    Hmmm just 1 kid? I bet he killed more people then he procreated some.

    • quagmireismysexidol says:

      Not every person deployed overseas is sent to "kill people" as you put it. How do you know he's not over there helping rebuild schools or hospitals? Next time, you really should think twice before you start posting stupid shit about people who protect this country and our freedom (what's left of it).

      • Irony says:

        Altho I agree with what youre saying I do have to point out that it is mentioned that hes in the Air Force and Im pretty sure not a lot of theme are involved in rebuilding schools or hospitals. Maybe next time you should read whats posted before unloading on someone.

        • Mediator says:

          You'd be surprised at what the Air Force, or any of the other branches for that matter, does aside from their normal mission that is perceived by the public.

        • guest says:

          @ cropped rag…GFY…its men like this that have a job, make money, contribute to society, make a difference for the country…people like you on the other hand crap rag, have 5-6 kids, live off welfare cuz you are lazy as hell, take advantage of all help you can get and then for some reason blame the government for your hard times…

        • JM8705 says:

          @ Cropped Rag and Irony – You are FAR from being right. I was the one that submitted these pictures. I am a communications technician. I work on network infrastructure equipment like computers, routers, and switches. I have never killed anyone. I did not post these pictures to start a political debate. I am just a proud father that wanted to share one of the best moments of my life with people I thought would appreciate it. Hence why I posted them on theBrigade, a military themed website. I cant tell you what to do, and I am here in Afghanistan away from my family so you can keep enjoying that freedom, but I really would appreciate it if you could show some respect. And if you have an issue with the military and what we are doing overseas, I HIGHLY suggest that you avoid theBrigade and any other military-oriented websites.

          @ quagmireismysexidol and everyone else – Thank you for the kind posts. It really does mean a lot. My wife and daughter are doing great and it wont be too much longer before I get to go home to be with them and my 5 year old son.

          • Rick says:

            thanks again for sending these powerful photos in. As is per usual, those who appreciate freedom the least are the ones complaining the loudest…the quiet ones are busy defending that freedom.

          • Irony says:

            Im sorry but just where did I say I had an "issue" with the Military? I was simply pointing out to quagmireismysexidol that his analogy was maybe a little off the mark. I never said anything disparaging about you, your family or the military in general. I both admire and appreciate the job that you and others are doing to keep our country safe and help others.

            I said nothing disrespectful at all

            • Rick says:

              (Irony) I'm pretty sure these comments are meant for "cropped rag"

              • linecook says:

                Cropped Rag people like you talk about what they believe in. Don't think your being clever by downplaying what he is doing. He actually has the testicles to stand up for what he believes in. That is the difference between self righteous people like you and the people who serve this country.

                When it comes down to it, all you do is speak and about what you believe. While service men/women actually put their beliefs action.

    • Kodos says:

      fuck you asshole

  12. CalAb13 says:

    Cant imagine how hard that must have been….

    Congrats, stay safe and come home soon to your new family!

  13. Tillman says:

    Well done and congrats to all! Hope you are all together very soon!

    Thank you for your service and sacrifices for our country.

  14. RSko says:

    So he's a 'chiver', online lookin at college girls while his wife is at home delivering a baby??

    I suppose all you fucknuts still believe "terrorists" hate us because of our "freedom".
    If everyone owned a gun, we wouldnt need these pigs in uniform… but just wait till they start turning the guns on our own citizens. Homicidal maniacs .. all of em.

  15. MITH says:


  16. Neo says:

    it's the happy moment for the family…

  17. Smitty says:

    Well, congrats you all!

    I gotta say, your chain of command screwed you. I'd look into who WAS let to go home on leave during that time. Just out of 'curiosity.' Just sayin'.

    While there was some, there was certainly far less douchebaggery in this thread than I expected.

  18. Jim bob says:

    All the Best to you and your FAMILY.
    From a Canadian Airmen who has been there, done that, and got the T Shirt.

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