1. etcrr says:

    Lcac's are awesome and so is Keely Hazell wow

    • Franklin1138 says:

      Gotta check out "Cashback" if you haven't already. She's in her mostly-undressed glory there, and man…she's perfect.

  2. Franklin1138 says:

    #28 is all I saw. That and a bunch of reminders that I had the GI Joe hovercraft when I was a kid and my friend totally destroyed it by accident.

  3. R2GFan says:

    #28 I approve of pink.

  4. ex-gsm says:

    Vessels owned by the Navy, crewed by sailors, posted in the Marines section and not the Navy. They even say NAVY on them. [Insert Tommy Lee Jones implied facepalm pic here]

  5. kshell25 says:

    LCACs look awesome, but riding on one is a different story. Earplugs do not even begin to help with how loud they are! However its still better than riding on an AAV to shore.

  6. whodoube says:


  7. spank says:

    I can has?

  8. Nathan says:

    LCAC translated to spanish is "The cock"

  9. Jeff says:

    Our company is quoting on parts for these. They must work well because it appears to be a growing program.

  10. inspector32 says:

    i was a Damage controlman aboard the USS KEARSARGE LHD3 and to watch these LCAC'S fly is impressive to say the very least

  11. the one says:

    i worked on these for 3 years, impressive is only to look at them. working on and being on them everyday is a different story. 5 man enlisted crew and made entirely of aluminum. if you like looooooooooong roller coaster rides, then LCAC's are for you!

  12. SPZander says:

    #28 Keeley Hazell… can never have too much of her

  13. alex says:

    ive spent an extensive amount of time on these things, i was with 2/6 marines and we were retrograding back to the USS Iwo Jima a few years back. we were in saudi arabia. it was just part of my company and some scout snipers. the weather report was good before we left. we were the last to leave the shore and one of the other LCACs got stuck in the Iwo's well deck. we were stuck spinning the turbines for over 3 hours as the weather quickly turned from calm to 19ft seas. i swear to god i though we were all going to die. 50lb pieces of equipment were flying around our cabin. we were laughing at first. then one of the boatswains mates that was sitting in the little cockpit area on the left side directly over our cabin came tumbling out of his seat into our compartment. he stopped puking long enough to yelp "we're going to die out here". yeah we thought he was being a little dramatic, but everyone started puking. it was horrible. long story short, we didn't die, and that dude was a pussy. FUCK LCACs

  14. bob says:

    That is one baddass piece of machinery and #28 is pretty amazing as well😉

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