Photo of the Day: You will never stop a Veteran from pursuing happiness (Click here for High-Res Photo)

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Army veteran Edward Menchavez zips up his wetsuit at a surf therapy program for military veterans in Manhattan Beach, California May 7, 2011. The program is run by the Jimmy Miller Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated the healing of mental and physical illness through surfing and ocean related activities.

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  1. etcrr says:

    Army veteran Edward Menchavez thank you for your service and I hope and full and speedy recovery. As well as the rest of the Veterans who participate in the program

  2. Bill says:

    reminds me of the scene from Braveheart when William Wallace rides his horse into town with his hands raised "to surrender"

  3. Egy says:

    Thank you! Yeah, I’ve had some crazy hair. (Green, and blue too!) Tom looks so young in those ptohos, doesn’t he?

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