1. Moar boar says:

    #5 looks sensual and sultry

    #8 cute and great looking legs! Pity we can't see more of those pins.

  2. ews says:

    Who is on the right in #34??? AMAZING

    • Marcella says:

      , I do Photoshop my pix, I crop the images, semetimos I add a border and if needed I adjust what needs to be adjusted, semetimos I don’t like something in the shot and I remove it, or I want the viewer to focus on a specific thing, so I might blur things in the background especially if the image is too busy like inside pix of my cabin. On rare occasions, I mess with other things like the color, contrast and such.But you do have to be careful not to over do it, it’s like adding seasonings to a dish, it’s all too easy to over season, if a dish/pic is good, it may need just a bit of editing/seasoning, but no amount of seasoning/editing will help a bad dish/pic.The last thing I do is to edit the dimensions of the final image and I shrink the “weight” down so the image takes up less room on the server and loads up faster.I’m no expert with Photoshop, but I wouldn’t want to be without it either.Do you have Photoshop or something like it?Wretha

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  4. dan says:

    This is all I want for xmas santa!

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