1. etcrr says:

    #1 M1 garande was/is a beautiful rifle and a good reliable weapon #11 browning M 2 .50 cal wow what a gun

  2. Paul says:

    I miss my Garand. The most trouble free weapon I know of.

  3. Scotsman says:

    #19 I'll take one shot on mark than a spray any day. However #3 and #11 are still awesome.

  4. Kodos says:

    I would give #22 a ride on my F-102 Delta Dagger (#17), heheh…

  5. wisemx says:

    Next up…Handguns, Sidearms, Revolvers.

  6. Turner L. Watson says:

    I have my Garand in a closet, so I was going to pick #1…but I also keep neighborhood girls in my closet, so I guess #22

  7. R2GFan says:

    #22 for sure. Yowza.

  8. Iceman2509 says:

    #1 for sure. It looks just like mine!

    • Franklin1138 says:

      Nice! What make? I used own one as well…it was a Springfield Armory, SN in the 180XXX range. Got it for $400 at the gun shop I used to work at. Sold it when I got married because I needed the cash. I could have put two shots inside Washington's eye in a quarter with that thing, and not because of any skill of mine…just an accurate shooter. Yeah, I'm not kicking myself or anything. :/

      • Iceman2509 says:

        Mine is a Springfield as well. 822XXX serial number. I know the barrel is new and my stock is a match grade stock so the rifle is a little heavier than normal, but she is pretty. I just had it worked on, it was ejecting clips to early so I had a buddy of mine who happens to be a gun expert replace the a worn out spring. Other than that everything is original and it does shoot very true.
        Where do you get your ammo? My local sources are running dry.

        • Franklin1138 says:

          I always used commercial ammo, mainly Federal, occasionally Winchester. Some of the other shooters I hung out with at the shop loaded their own.

          Nice sounding rifle! By the serial number it sounds like '42? I bet yours has seen some action. It's a good thing there's a nice surplus of parts out there for the taking. Shotgun News is handy for that. Mine had a '56 barrel on it, so not totally original, but I bet it fought in at least two wars!

          • Iceman2509 says:

            If the rifles could only talk, I bet they would have quite the story to tell.

            Lately I have been shooting American Eagle ammo. From what I read it is good to shoot through and M1 and it cycles just like the original 30-06 M2 Ball rounds. I had a supplier of the M2 Ball ammo, but he is no longer living so now it is hard to get that around where I live.

            You rifle sounds like a beauty as well.

            • Franklin1138 says:

              It was! I wish I hadn't sold it. Every gun I've had has been sold because I've needed the cash. It's a shame, man! I had the M1, two Lee Enfields (a No.1 MkIII and a No.4Mk1), a CZ-50 (Czech version of the Walther PP, and my first handgun), S&W Mod. 10 M&P, and a Beretta 92FS Police Special. I wish I still had all of them!

              I'm actually going to be applying for my C&R FFL in the next month or so, which will allow me to buy military surplus guns right off the web and have them shipped to my house. We'll see how that goes…

  9. Franklin1138 says:

    #23, with #22 as my driver. I'd carry #10 and she, being hot and awesome, would carry #19 (the weapon, not the dude) and shoot very, very well with it.

    • Liliana says:

      this is the type of relguation that would make a company’s price plummet such as iStockPhonto if it were publicly traded you can’t use hottie models anymore in your testimonials(:

  10. Panzerrat says:

    With #21, nothing else, with the exception of #22, really matters, does it?

  11. Farva says:

    #22 India Reynolds…

  12. Muadieb says:

    I'm torn between #2 and #9 but you make a valid point with #22

  13. fred says:

    #5 was the weapon of choice for Everett, Wa. but re-assigned. The port sure looks different now. Merry Christmas to Officers and and crew of The Lincoln

  14. Swarley says:

    #2 on #5 w/ #22

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